Join our Business Program

Like all community clubs and services we rely on the support of local businesses to help cover the costs of running the club. We understand as a local business it is important to give back to the local community. 

However, we also believe that there should be a return in favour wherever possible to our Business Partners, with members having a clear understanding of the supporters of the Wagga City Wanderers and this should be a consideration in their decision making when purchasing services and goods. As part of the Capital Football program we now bring 250+ new people to town every fortnight. 

In addition there is an opportunity to reach over 2,900 email recipients, 2,900 Facebook followers and 1000+ Instagram followers.

Promotion of your support of the Wagga City Wanderers will include the running of marketing campaigns including signage opportunities, website promotion, social media and email campaigns, local announcements and events. 

A dedicated Business Partner Co-ordinator has now been established who will be available throughout the year to help co-ordinate campaigns. 

All Business Partners will be invited to Wagga City Wanderers Events and Business Partners Game Day Events throughout the season.

For information on how to join contact our Business & Sponsorship Manager Tim Kross on 0417 776 165 or

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