Ben Schmid to step down as coach of Wagga City Wanderers

Ben Schmid to step down as coach of Wagga City Wanderers

Ben Schmid has announced he will be stepping down as Wagga City Wanderers coach.

Schmid, 22, said the decision stemmed from a long-term desire to pursue opportunities in Wollongong.

“That’s the current plan,” he said.

“I have friends there and would love to pursue something with the Wollongong Wolves.

“I’m looking at getting involved at the junior level again, the development phase of football.”

Schmid said he had thoroughly enjoyed his time at the Wanderers.

“The opportunities they provide for players and coaches, and the experiences I’ve had, have just been amazing,” he said.

“I’m forever grateful to the founders and everyone who has made it all work.”

Wanderers director Brendan Flanagan was full of praise for his departing coach.

“We’re very grateful for all the service Ben has provided,” he said.

“He has put in a lot of time and effort over the past three years and it hasn’t been an easy job.

“He has worked hard to develop our players and instill a great culture at the club and we wish him all the best.”

By Nicholas Jungfer

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